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Cheese and Spinach Filo Roll 

1kg Spinach washed and trimmed   500grm Cottage Cheese 150 gm Feta crumbled 150 Grated Cheddar  1egg   ½ cup toasted pine nuts  ½ tsp crushed garlic Pinch of nutmeg  Freshly ground black pepper   Filo  75grm melted butter Blanch Spinach and chop roughly.  Mix with cheeses, egg, pine nuts and seasoning.  For each roll use 3 layers of filo folded in half.  Brush each layer. Spoon ¼ cup mixture along one narrow end of pastry; fold over and roll up pastry and filling.  Place on buttered baking tray.  Brush with melted butter.  Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Serve with Salad

Really Yummy Scones

6 Large Cups Self Raising Flour   600ml bottle of Lemonade    300ml bottle of cream.   Your choice of fruit. Mix together and out into squares, Bake until golden in 200 degree oven.

For Savoury Scones….use a bottle of soda water instead of lemonade.  Add cheese, bacon, green herb stock. (Tacky mixture)


 Really Easy Spinach Dip   ideal for Christmas Parties!

½ - ¾ cup blanched spinach  1  medium pottle sour cream   1packet onion soup   ¼ cup chopped red and green capsicum  1tsp  paprika

Finely chop spinach and mix all ingredients together.  Leave in fridge for about an hour before serving with crackers, carrots and celery.


Marilyn’s Pate’

1 pottle of Chicken Livers   

2 Rashers of Bacon    

2 Cloves of Chopped Garlic  

1 Large Onion chopped   

6 Mushrooms 

A good shake of Soy or Worcestershire Sauce  Salt and Black Pepper to taste  

1 Teaspoon of Mixed Herbs

Heat fry pan with small quantity of olive oil.  Put all ingredients in and fry for 20 minutes, stirring regularly to prevent burning.  Add a good splash (1/2 cup) of Baileys or other cream liqueur, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.  When cooled, blend in processor then chill.  Enjoy with crackers or crusty bread.  

Spicy Fruit Loaf

(for those with bread makers – 1.5kg size)   1 ¼ cups warm water;  2 tbs olive oil;  2 cups white flour;  1 cup wholemeal flour;  3 tsps mixed spice;  1 tsp ginger;  ½ tsp salt;  2 tsps active yeast . In order given all these ingredients, when beeper goes add 1 cup sultanas or mixed fruit.

Tastes just like hot cross buns – delish!  

Tomato Soup  Use your flavor imagination but the basics are---- heaps of tomatoes, some onions, preferably a stock of ham or chicken, salt and a sprinkling of mixed herbs. Boil like mad then process through a blender or liquidizer. For a creamy finish use fresh or sour cream.

Winter Warming Fish Pie   (fresh or smoked)   Steam or microwave your choice of fish – I quite like tinned smoked fish fillets for this dish. Make a thick parsley sauce, preferably with heaps of fresh parsley coarsely chopped. Stir in fish and seasonings to taste.  Not too much salt if using smoked fish.  Place in oven dish.  Mash enough potatoes to cover the base mixture and sprinkle with grated cheese.  Bake in oven on 170° for 30 minutes.  Boil some peas to go as side vegetable.  As Joe Seager would say, “Easy-peasy and delicious”.

Pumpkin Soup

1 whole pumpkin  -  skinned and cut into chunks;  3 large carrots;  1 onion Boil in a large pot with chicken stock.  

A combo of seasonings can change the flavour dramatically.  Try these ….

A:  1  tsp  curry powder;  1  tsp  salt;  ½  tsp  ground pepper

B:  1  tsp  mixed herbs;  1  tsp  salt;  ½  tsp  ground pepper

When soft, mash or blend concentrated brew.  Dilute for serving by reheating with milk to the consistency of your choice.   

Lemonade & Cream Scones

“Never fail” recipe

6 cups Flour;  1 cup Sugar;  4 tsp Baking Powder;  1 can Lemonade;  1 x 300 ml bottle Cream

Sift flour and baking powder together.  Add sugar.  Mix lemonade and cream together then add to dry ingredients.  Seems a bit gooey!  Bake in hot oven 200-210ºC until golden on top – should be really spongy in the middle.


2oz chopped walnuts, 1 cup grated apple, 12oz currants, 4oz chopped dried apricots, 2cups sugar,1/2 cup sherry, 4oz melted butter, 4 oz raisins, 2 oz chopped mixed peal, 1 T spoon cinnamon, 1 T spoon mixed spice, 1 T spoon nut meg, 1 T spoon salt.

Combine all ingredients adding salt and the butter last, leave in bowl for several hours stirring frequently then pack in jars.


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