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Te Hoiere Seagull Fleet History (click to open)
The Years Program
Feb. 2021  = Hikoi - Maori & Early Settlers
HIKOI  Maori and Early Settlers
June. 2021 = " Break Out" - Open      Sat 12th -9:30  am                               Marina Map
Simons video                                                                                                         Paul Lacy Video
Breakout June 2021
Downloads =    Map                     Risk Management                 Entry-form

Sept. 2021  =   Booty Run - Pirates & Wenches   download link

Christmas  Entry Form  4th December 2021  

The Practice Run  on the 25 September 2021

BreakOut-2022slide show mp4
Pauls Video link https://youtube.com/watch?v=liqVcFEeFuE&feature=share
Renegade Run April 22  slide show mp4
Hikoi Feb 2022  
Pauls Video  https://youtube.com/watch?v=dYNbfcCkL7A&feature=share
REAL  DEAL    slide show mp4
Prelude & Blow Out  Sept.25th 2021   Slide show mp4
Booty Run  9th Oct 2021   " Poor Dads Adventures"   Pauls Video
Christmas Extravaganza Annual Fun Run  5th. Dec. 2020
Seagull Xmas 2020 Fun Run ( Video)
THE  BOOTY  RUN Sept. 2020
#1  The Breakout June 2020          # 2  Te Hoiere Fleet Breakout Rebel Rousers
Flight of The Seagulls February 2020
Te Hoiere Seagull Fleet 2019